Iwi Partnerships

A strong, mutually beneficial partnership, where the freshwater management research outcomes of both the Institute and Iwi are being achieved.

NIWA and the University of Waikato value our relationships with Iwi and had a strong desire to involve Iwi in the Joint Institute. Iwi have shown leadership in freshwater management throughout New Zealand through their Treaty Settlements to restore and protect the health and wellbeing of waterways and through their co-governance and co-management relationships. We engaged with iwi during the establishment phase of the Joint Institute to co-develop the operational Iwi engagement principles and Iwi freshwater research priorities outlined our Te Waiora Iwi Partnerships document.

The Iwi engagement principles and priorities will be embedded within the goals of the Joint Institute and will be used to assist in its establishment and the development of its strategic direction. To ensure Iwi perspectives and interests are embedded in the Institute’s activities, three Iwi representatives have been invited to join Te Waiora’s Joint Management Committee

NIWA and the University of Waikato supports:

  • The involvement of Iwi in the Joint Institute.
  • Embedding iwi Mātauranga priorities within the Joint Institutes work programme.
  • The development of a new Mātauranga Wai Academic Chair.
  • National partnerships.

Iwi Engagement Principles

Partner and engage:

  • Better understand and apply Mātauranga Māori
  • Address iwi freshwater research priorities

Nurture capability development:

  • Facilitate internship and scholarship opportunities
    • Pathway for iwi Māori into freshwater management
  • Involve Iwi researchers in the Joint Institute’s freshwater research
    • Including delivery of the research

Respect knowledge and relationships:

  • Respect the different knowledge systems and perspectives that we share
  • Ensure open, transparent communication
  • Respect and acknowledge existing relationships that Iwi have with NIWA and the University of Waikato
  • Maintain autonomy to engage individually or collectively in freshwater research.

Read the Te Waiora Iwi Partnerships brochure: