> New Technologies to Double On-Farm Diffuse Pollution Mitigation

This collaborative MBIE Endeavour research programme is developing new technologies to double the effectiveness of on-farm diffuse pollution mitigation to reduce agricultural nutrient losses and associated degradation of fresh waters and estuaries.

> Freshwater Bioremediation Using Native Mussels

This project aims to develop native freshwater mussel (kākahi/kāeo) rafts (or suspended cages) to assist lake restoration through biofiltration. The focus of our proposal is to return degraded, turbid, shallow lakes towards their original clear, macrophyte-dominated state. This is a collaborative MBIE Endeavour research programme.

> Mainstreaming novel ecocultural technologies for rural and Māori community wastewater treatment

This MBIE Endeavour funded project will co-develop with hapū /iwi and rural council partners, transformative eco-cultural wastewater treatment technologies to provide culturally acceptable, effective, resilient and affordable future options that are able to cope with variable flows and provide opportunities to recover resources.  The project aims to at least halve the whole-of-life costs of rural community wastewater treatment.  Estimated cost savings for rural communities are over $1 billion.