Building a collaboration

We have worked across NIWA and the University of Waikato to identify a range of research themes, co-develop new research proposals and understand how we can work better across the two organisational cultures to strengthen and broaden our research collaborations

2019 jointly-funded PhDs

In 2019 NIWA and the University of Waikato through Te Waiora funded three PhD students based at the University of Waikato.

Close collaboration between students working as a team is helping to develop novel approaches for treatment of diffuse pollution from agriculture within the New Technologies to Double On-Farm Diffuse Pollution Mitigation programme.

  • Carbon dosing of denitrifying bioreactors
    Investigating whether and to what extent dosing of denitrifying bioreactors with a soluble carbon source can stimulate nitrate removal from agricultural drainage water. Determining simple and efficient approaches for field-based carbon dosing will also be important.
  • Phosphorus retention by biomaterial nano-composites
    Synthesising P-sorbing Iron nano-composites from wood chips and other fibrous biomaterials. The potential for INC to enhance P adsorption and retention in denitrifying bioreactors treating agricultural drainage water will be investigated under redox-buffered and non-buffered conditions.
  • Filamentous algae nutrient scrubbers
    Investigating the ability of filamentous algae to remove both N and P from agricultural drainage water, develop both land-based and in-steam platforms for filamentous algal growth and harvest, and determine the potential uses of the algal biomass.