About Us

Freshwater, both its quality and quantity, is now New Zealand’s number one environmental issue.

NIWA and the University of Waikato have established Te Waiora, the Joint Institute for Freshwater Management, to use their combined research capabilities and facilities for world-class research and management outcomes and post graduate education.

Te Waiora seeks to increase freshwater research outputs and management capability, and enhance outcomes with environmental, cultural and economic benefits. The overall impact of the Te Waiora will derive not only from individual research projects, but from the ways in which all projects can inform and shape the development of much broader and integrated strategies that can meet the complex challenges facing freshwater management in New Zealand.

A feature of the Joint Institute’s approach is that it will involve students and researchers in solving critical freshwater issues where interdisciplinary approaches are key to their resolution. The Joint Institute’s students and researchers will be familiar with the interactions between science, human behaviour, economics and policy.